the brew

St. ERHARD® is a genuine Franconian “Kellerbier” brewed and bottled in Bavaria according to the German “Reinheitsgebot”. The only slightly dark beer captivates primarily through its elegance and pertectly balanced flavors of different kinds of malt and hops.

Already in the nose St. ERHARD® shows the harmony between nice malty, fruity sweetness and the pleasant bitterness of the fine aroma hops. Also at the palate these hints of roasted malt sweetness are delicately interwoven with courageously used hops. So it clearly reflects the characteristics of a stronger, darker beer without emphasizing individual flavor components too heavily. This gives rise to the unique delicious flavor of St. ERHARD®.

In conclusion St. ERHARD® is an elegant version of a Franconian „Kellerbier“ (cellar beer) which particularly impresses with its wealth of aromas and finesse.

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